"We still haven’t explored all the possibilities with the SpotXel but it’s the only straight forward user friendly grid alignment and quantification of the microarrays. Technical support is superb. Questions and pleas for help are always answered within 24 hrs."

Beatrice Clack, PhD (Department of Biology, Stephen F. Austin State University, TX, USA)

"My company was looking for a software developer for a very particular application and it was very hard to find the right company and the right person able to listen to our needs and to proceed with the right development. Sicasys helped us to develop adapted and tailored software, based on Spotxel, for our product data analysis enabling us to propose a complete solution for our customers and not only a simple product. Khoa Vo was in charge of the software development and translated our needs into what we expected. He has professionalism and competence with honesty, good humor, always doing his best to outperform the main goal while respecting our real needs.

I truly recommend Sicasys for the quality on every level: software development, human relationship, innovative ideas and adaptation to customers."

Delphine Guillebault, CEO (Microbia Environnement, France)

"We use the Spotxel software for a few months for the analysis of antibody microarray slides. The continuous support and the prompt replies of SICASYS has given an added value to our use of the software.

The software has several advantages. First, it enables us to scan multiple slides simultaneously. Once the array blocks are aligned to the first image and the gal file is loaded and saved, the software automatically aligns and analyzes all other images.

Second, the normalization tool enables a fast and efficient analysis of multiple array spots and provides statistical analysis. This tool saves a tremendous amount of time compare to any alternative and to my knowledge is the only commercial tool with such a feature.

Third, the Hierarchical Clustering gives us a clear visual representation of the results.

All in all, we recommend this software to everyone who scans microarray slides on a regular basis."

Eitan Segev, PhD (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

"Thank you so much for the template! I used it to analyse 2 samples on the NF-kB array and then compared these finding with my analysis using the protein array analyser plugin for ImageJ. Thankfully these were almost identical, so I am happy with both ways of processing.

I only had a few samples, but the batch processing function in Spotxel software would be great to analyse multiple samples and I would recommend this software to anyone contemplating multiple arrays!"

Tania Corbett-Jones, Research Fellow (Centre for Genomics and Child Health, Queen Mary University of London, UK)

PepSlide® Analyzer

"PepSlide Analyzer provides a user-friendly interface for signal quantification and analysis of peptide microarrays. In our research we use the peptide microarray approach for precise mapping of epitopes within unstructured proteins, that mediate binding of specific interaction partners. The amount of data makes manual analysis unfeasible, therefore PepSlide Analyzer represents an invaluable tool for processing such a large data sets."

Jan Rynes, PhD (CEITEC, Masaryk University, Czech Republic)

"When I began my PhD project, I had little knowledge about peptide microarrays and microarray analysis software. The PepSlide® Analyzer was recommended to me by the company synthesizing my overlapping peptide arrays, and since they had used the PepSlide® Designer to make design the arrays, I figured the SICASYS peptide microarray analysis software would be the best choice. Since the beginning, SICASYS has had amazing customer service. They are always willing to answer my questions and they have amazingly fast response times. For example, I had difficulties downloading the trial software, but they worked with me and helped me troubleshoot until I was finally able to utilize the program. Additionally, during my trial period, they arranged a video chat to answer my questions and show me how to properly use the software. I thought this was especially generous, since I had not even purchased a software license.

The software is extremely user-friendly, and SICASYS is constantly updating the software to make analysis even easier. I was very grateful when my lab decided to buy a one-year license after our trial period ended, and this software has made my data analysis a quick and trouble-free process. It is very evident SICASYS values their customers, and they are constantly improving and developing their software to fit the needs of their software users. I highly recommend PepSlide® Analyzer software; not only is it easy to use, it has also been a delightful experience to work with SICASYS."

Elizabeth Fox (Department of Internal Medicine, UC Davis, CA, USA)