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GenePix Results (GPR) Format Support

PepSlide Updates, Spotxel Updates

17 Mar 2015 – Support quantified data in GPR format in both manual and automatic modes.

You can now save quantified microarray data in GenePix Results (GPR) format with PepSlide® and Spotxel® software, in addition to the currently supported formats CSV and XML. This enables convenient use of our software in existing microarray analysis workflows, since GPR is the common input format of microarray analysis scripts.

Employing powerful spot finding algorithms and an efficient batch processing tool, PepSlide® and Spotxel® outperforms GenePix Pro – the market leader of microarray image analysis software – on antibody and protein microarray data. The support of GPR format enables you to use our software as an alternative solution to or a replacement of existing microarray image analysis software, for better quality, without change or impact to your current analysis workflow.

Being easy-to-use, high-quality, and very affordable, PepSlide® and Spotxel® are the best choice for microarray image analysis software for peptide array data and protein microarray data.