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The Most Important Problems of Your Microarray Analysis

Press Release, PepSlide Updates, Spotxel Updates

04 Nov 2015 – Advise us on the most important problems of your microarray analysis and save 20% on the next purchase of our ...

Performance and Multi-tasking Optimization

Press Release, Spotxel Updates, PepSlide Updates

28 Oct 2015 – Spotxel® 1.4 optimizes the software’s performance and ...

Images by LI-COR Odyssey Scanners and Smearing Processing

PepSlide Updates, Spotxel Updates

24 Aug 2015 - Support TIFF images by LI-COR Odyssey scanners and process noise due to ...

Support for 64-bit versions of Windows and GAL formats of additional vendors.

PepSlide Updates, Spotxel Updates

27 May 2015 – Support very large and compressed images and GAL files of additional ...

Workshop on Nanobiosensors for Water Monitoring

Press Release, Spotxel Updates

24-26 Mar 2015 – Meet us at the 1st Workshop on Nanobiosensors for Water Monitoring in Barcelona.

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