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Support for 64-bit versions of Windows and GAL formats of additional vendors.

PepSlide Updates, Spotxel Updates

27 May 2015 – Support very large and compressed images and GAL files of additional vendors.

PepSlide® and Spotxel® for 64-bit versions of Windows are now available. They are able to analyze very large microarray images and array files. In addition, the new version can process uncompressed as well as compressed TIFF images. GAL files from additional vendors such as Arrayit and Invitrogen are also supported.

The above support is also available for PepSlide® and Spotxel® for Mac OS X.

Being easy-to-use, high-quality, and very affordable, PepSlide® and Spotxel® are the best choice for microarray image analysis software for peptide array data and protein microarray data.