PepSlide® Web

PepSlide® Web enables the design of peptide microarrays via the internet. It is used by a peptide microarray provider to provide their customers with online services for designing and ordering of peptide microarrays.

PepSlide® Web can also be deployed in a company or an organization as a central management system of peptide microarrays. Their users design the microarrays via the intranet and then request for production. The facility manager who is responsible for the peptide synthesizer retrieves these requests, processes them, and then uses the requested peptide microarray designs for synthesis.

In both cases, the users can use the following online services.

The Account Overview

The Home page provides an overview of the customer's microarray designs, orders for production, and messages from the provider.

Visual and Interactive Generation of Peptide Libraries

Support creating

  • Overlapping Peptide Library.
  • Substitution Peptide Library: both full and partial modes.

The generation process is organized like a wizard: easy to input parameters and preview.

Fast and convenient like working with desktop software.

Online Peptide Microarray Design

Visually review peptide spots and their amino acid sequence.

Arrange peptide libraries on the array with drag-and-drop.

Replicate peptide libraries with copy-and-paste.

Download GAL files and PSF files for analysis.

Request for Synthesis

Completed designs of peptide microarray can be requested for synthesis.

The microarray provider or the facility manager of the peptide synthesizer receives the request and use the microarray design for synthesis.

A Central Management System of Peptide Microarrays

For the customers and the researchers:

  • All peptide microarray designs are managed in a single account.
  • Accessible from anywhere via the internet.
  • Easy to locate and reuse.

For the microarray provider and the facility manager:

  • All accounts and their microarray designs are centrally managed.
  • Efficient for administration and planning of material, cost, and time.