Free trial for Mac computer

Download the Spotxel Microarray installer in Zip format to your Mac. To initiate the setup program, double-click on the installer. You will be prompted to confirm the installation directory; by default, this is set to $HOME/SpotxelMicroarray. Once the installation is complete, which typically takes just a few seconds, navigate to the installation folder and click on the Spotxel app to launch the software.

The GAL Array Editor module, as well as the functionality for managing microarray images, is completely free and becomes available immediately upon software installation, with no license required. For access to premium features such as data quantification, automatic array alignment, and batch processing of multiple images, a license is required. However, we would like to highlight that upon the initial installation of the Spotxel® Microarray app on your Mac computer, a 14-day license for these premium features is automatically activated at no cost.


Spotxel® Microarray installer for macOS:


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